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 What is the scope of this Pattersonproofreading.com Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the Pattersonproofreading.com Terms of Service and License Agreement at https://pattersonproofreading.com/privacy/ (the "Terms") and covers information obtained through your use of the Pattersonproofreading.com Website, Software and Application. and services ("information") as described in this policy. The use of capitalized terms in this policy and not otherwise stated will apply to terms in the "Terms of Service".


What information does Pattersonproofreading.com collect about me?

When Customer interacts with our software, application, site and / or services, we may collect information or in combination with other information that may be used to identify you ("Personal Information"). There is also some information that we collect that is stored in a way that cannot be linked to you ("Non-Personal Information").


The information you provide us each time you create an account

If you have registered to use Pattersonproofreading.com, you are willing to share certain personal information with us, including the following:


Your email address, username, contact and preferred language. If you sign in to Pattersonproofreading.com using links to social networks, such as your Google+ or Facebook account, we'll ask you to allow access to that account's basic information, such as your email address and name. . If you wish to stop sharing this information with us, you may do so at any time by removing Pattersonproofreading.com from your account.


If you are a paying customer, you will need to enter your payment information. This is necessary to complete every tradable transaction on Pattersonproofreading.com. We use the data to process and execute your transaction. If you choose PayPal® to pay for your order, you will need to enter your credit card number directly with PayPal®. The PayPal® Privacy Policy applies to the information you provide on the PayPal® website.


What other information do we collect from you? Pattersonproofreading.com collects this information when you use the Website, Software, Application and / or Services:


User Content: This includes any text, documents or other content or information uploaded, embedded or transmitted by you as part of your use of our Services and / or Software.


What information is collected automatically?

There is specific information about the devices you use to connect to Pattersonproofreading.com and your use of the site, software, application and / or services automatically registered on our systems, including the following:


Your Location: This is the geographic area or area where you use your devices, such as a computer, mobile, or tablet (as indicated by your Internet Protocol (IP) address or similar identifier) ​​when interacting with our site, software, application, and / or Services. .


Your log data or information: As with other websites, our servers automatically collect data when you access our site, software, application and / or services and store it in log files. This log data may include your IP address, browser type and settings, browser configuration, date and time of use, cookie information and language preferences. Your User Information: This is information about Pattersonproofreading.com, the software, application and / or services you use and how you use it. We may also obtain data from our partners and third party service providers to assess how consumers use our sites, software, applications and / or services. For example, we have an idea of ​​the number of users who access a particular page of a site and what links they click on most often. We will use this collected data to better understand the site and help you optimize it.


Information about your device: This is data collected from your computer or mobile device that includes the type of hardware and software you use (such as your operating system and browser type), as well as unique device identifiers for the device. using Pattersonproofreading.com. Cookies: The information obtained from cookies is explained in the "Do they use cookies on Pattersonproofreading.com?" Section and our Cookie Policy.


When will Pattersonproofreading.com collect information?

We collect information from you when you fill out the form, subscribe to the newsletter, subscribe, use live chat, open a support card and / or enter information on our website.


How does Pattersonproofreading.com use my information?

We at Pattersonproofreading.com process, use and record your information as necessary to enter into a contract with you and for our legitimate business interests, including the following:


communicate and contact you regarding your use of our site, software and / or services, notice of our products and services, update software as they exist, and provide feedback on your requests for assistance. if you have trouble accessing your account or with you to the letter. assist us in managing our sites, software, applications and / or services, authenticating users for security purposes, providing customized user and transaction access, processing and delivering transactions, conducting audits and studies, creating future features and developing algorithms and creating our site , software, applications and / or services.

to receive instant email alerts and special offers through Pattersonproofreading.com, where you can unsubscribe at any time. For more details please go to this section - "Will Pattersonproofreading.com email me?" If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), we will only send you promotional materials if you allow us to do so from the time you create your account or at any time thereafter.

to determine cumulative statistics on the number of unique tools used on our site, software, application and / or services and to identify and prevent abuse and fraud.

For fast processing of your transactions

to view user content relevant to your account and to ensure that it is accessible to you when you use our services. Does Pattersonproofreading.com analyze user content?

We warrant that Pattersonproofreading.com employees will not review all user content stored or transmitted through our sites, software, applications and / or services, but may view it if we find that the Terms of Service have been violated and authorization is required, if we must do so. in response to your Customer Support Requests, if we do not find it necessary to review them as defined in the Terms of Service or to improve our algorithms as set forth in the User section of our Terms of Service. Finally, your information may be considered necessary to protect the rights, property or personal safety of Pattersonproofreading.com and its users or to fulfill our legal obligations in response to any legal process, such as orders and court orders. .


Right of use and disclosure

Does Pattersonproofreading.com share my information?

Pattersonproofreading.com discloses personal information to third parties only if:


We work with service providers to help us meet business requirements, including hosting, improving and providing our services. We also use service providers for specific services and features such as customer support, email communications and analytics services. These service providers may access, process or record personal data only in accordance with our instructions and for the purpose of fulfilling their obligations to us.

We have your permission to share your personal information.

We believe it is important to investigate possible violations of the Terms of Service, to enforce the Terms of Service or where we believe it is necessary to investigate or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud or potential threats to property, persons or the ways in which we operate. our site, software, application and / or services.

We comply with the law that the storage, access or disclosure of your personal information is required by law to protect the rights, property or personal security of Pattersonproofreading.com and users of our site, software, applications and / or to respond to them. or services at the lawful request of any public authority. We must do so in connection with the acquisition, merger, reorganization, bankruptcy, public offering of securities, sale of part or all of our assets. In such cases, some or all of your personal information may be transferred or shared with another entity in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We may share or disclose non-personal information to third parties and the public - for example, affiliates under contract with us or as part of progress reports that we may provide to users.

All reports, results or conclusions expressed on pattersonproofreading.com have no legal value and cannot be presented in court or other legal matters.

In any case, whether electronic or digital, pattersonproofreading.com reserves all rights to accept it. Did Pattersonproofreading.com find my personal information by selling it?

No, Pattersonproofreading.com does not sell or rent your personal information.


Does Pattersonproofreading.com use cookies?

Cookies are used by web browsers to provide personalized content and to remember login and account settings. Pattersonproofreading.com uses cookies and similar technologies, including web beacons and tracking pixels. We need to collect usage and analytics data to assist us in providing our site, software, application and / or services to you, as well as in providing ads for related products and services. Pattersonproofreading.com tells you if you are specifically browsing the site and then navigating to third-party sites. Pattersonproofreading.com does not share your personal information with third parties in order to display their ads to you. For more information about cookies and how Pattersonproofreading.com uses them, see our Cookie Policy.


We use cookies to:

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